Be wary of buying in high density sectional title developments

high density buy to let properties

Moderately priced high density sectional title apartments of the kind that have proliferated throughout South Africa have proved to be an excellent investment.

Nevertheless, he warns, there are risks and pitfalls associated with this type of purchase which have to be examined and checked out before any Deed of Sale is signed.

Loss of value

About 20% of South Africa’s high density sectional title developments are experiencing financial problems. Regrettably, the units in such schemes frequently lose value or, if they do show some value growth, they do so at an unsatisfactory rate.

This has in most cases come about because sectional title units are governed and controlled by committees of members (owners) of the scheme, elected by their fellow members.  Such people, he says, often do not have the business, accounting or legal knowledge necessary for a job of this kind.

Poor administration and a lack of leadership in sectional title schemes all too often leads to levies being too low and/or in being inefficiently collected – or not collected at all. It also frequently leads to inadequate maintenance of the buildings and dangerous lapses in the security arrangements. These, plus other factors, can and do affect the values of all the units in the scheme.

In certain developments buy-to-let investors form a large proportion of the client base and then compete for tenants by lowering rents.  This, in turn, can lead to the quality of the tenants falling below desirable standards.

Get proof before you buy

Two pieces of advice which I would always give to people contemplating buying into any sectioal title scheme, are, firstly, insist on seeing the scheme’s accounts (they are by law obliged to give these to you) and if you cannot understand these check them with an accountant.  The second piece of advice is to beware of schemes in which there are too many tenants because, as indicated, there should always be a satisfactory ratio between the tenants and owner residents for the simple reason that the latter look after their properties far better than the former.

There are many advantages of sectional title units quite apart from what is usually a lower cost. Single people and single parents, families with children and older people can often benefit from the improved security of such schemes and from being able to enjoy the communal facilities like swimming pools, large gardens, crèches, launderettes, tennis courts, gyms, cafés and playgrounds to which they would not have access if they lived in freehold properties.

Running Your Business While You Move Office

planning thplanning the office move and checkliste office move and checklistAn office move is a big step for a small- to large-scale business. Aside from thinking about the actual move, you’ll also be planning the layout of your new space, talking with the office movers, coordinating with your staff, and keeping your business running.

Here are guidelines you can follow to make your operations go smoothly while you move.

1. Inform you customers in whatever means possible

You can’t lose customers just because you forgot to notify them. Go through all means possible to let them know you’re moving. You can try email blasts, newsletters, phone calls, or simply posting an announcement in your office. Constantly remind them until you move into your new space.

2. Change your address

Update your email signature, website, social media accounts, letterheads – everything that has your address on them. This ensures that your customers and partners don’t get confused when you move.

3. Plan the phases

Make the move in phases. Start packing one thing at a time whenever you get a downtime. Let your employees put away the things they rarely use. This saves you from cramming everything when the moving date gets closer.

4. Move on Off-hours

Big companies usually move in different stages over a course of time. Schedule a weekend or off-hours move so you avoid disrupting business operations. Make sure you to discuss your schedule with your removal specialist.

5. Take Note of Your Peak Season

As much as possible, schedule your move to your slow season for you. It’s best to settle the transition before you get into your peak season.

6. Throw a party

Invite your customers to your new office, and let your employees join in the fun, too! This helps foster a good relationship with them. This lets you introduce your new address to your customers, while keeping your team excited.

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Things to consider before hiring a plumbing company

As a Gauteng homeowner, you should be entrusting your plumbing repairs to plumbers in sandton. Remember, you’re putting your faucet, toilet, and water heaters in their hands. A faulty repair may lead to more expensive and complicated problems in the future.

plumbers in sandton

Consider these before you hire a plumber:


Always check the length of time your plumber has been in business. Bigger groups usually have more experienced plumbers, but better check just to be sure. Years of experience can mean that the company has built a good record.


Plumbers would know the cost of repairs and should give you an accurate quote. More complicated repairs are a different story, though. But ask for quotes from different plumbers, and check for big differences. If the cost is too low, there’s a risk that the plumber is cutting corners, or using substandard parts.


Experienced plumbers should be able to give you references. Check with their past customers so you get an idea of how well they work. If they can’t provide you offline or online references, it’s a good idea to look for someone else.


This is important. An insurance is you and your plumber’s protection in case of accidents or injuries. It’s best if your plumber is bonded, too.


A plumber’s work should be covered by a warranty. This usually lasts for a year, and gives you a guarantee of their work, and the parts they used. If the plumber can’t give you this, you’re better off without them.