Fushi Menu

fu.shi is the signature restaurant at The Upper Deck, the jewel in its crown welcoming guests to a cornucopia of fine cuisine showcased in true fusion style. Asian fusion is the en vogue cuisine of the millennium and Executive Chef Vanie Padayachee has taken it a step further by weaving her own twist into both the Asian classics and the nouveau style that is sought after by food critics worldwide.

Leading from the terrace, guests dine surrounded by a glass fa├žade on fine dishes.

May good fortune, prosperity and happiness be brought to you by our delicacies.

Immerse your senses in the purity of Asian fusion cuisine. Combining the finest classical cuisine from all over the world with the tastes and textures of the East, and a dash of modern twist, has become an art of the 21st century.

Experience the simplicity, diversity and imagination and may “fu” accompany you all your life and “shi” be with you.